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Why we chose Alphatron Marine?

Curious about what a working day at Alphatron Marine looks like? Take a look at the working day of our employees and maybe we will welcome you soon as one of our new colleagues.

A working day at Alphatron Marine

Most people see our products. But we see the people who realize these products. Our teams consist of the best professionals in the field of development, design, engineering and commerce. Our people are flexible and driven and work with an open and innovative mindset, focused on development and improvement. In this way every employee at Alphatron Marine contributes in his or her own unique way to the service and products of Alphatron Marine. "The human touch in technology".

Ben van der Zaken - Service Engineer Inland

When he was a kid, Ben van der Zaken already enjoyed being on board his grandparents’ dry bulk vessel. He was fascinated by the variety of goods they transported by water, and how they did this. So after obtaining an MBO-Level 3 degree in electrical engineering, it seemed only logical to Ben that he had look for a job that combined technology and shipping. And as an Inland Shipping Service Engineer at JRC | Alphatron Marine, Ben definitely feels like a fish in water.

“Without a working radar, a ship will not sail at night or in a thick fog. And without a working pilot, a vessel’s schedule will also be put on hold! The thing I like most about my job is that a ship can continue its voyage after we have solved the problem,” explains an enthusiastic Ben van der Zaken. “In our profession you also have to take into account the wishes of the ship owner. What is his or her perspective? How can we determine possible improvements to the nautical equipment together? After all, every piece of equipment is crucially important for shipping. At JRC | Alphatron Marine, we can only find the right innovations by paying close attention to what users tell us. It is a great process to be part of!” 

No job is the same

Every day is different for the Service Engineers at JRC | Alphatron Marine. “Each problem or project is unique, each vessel is different and everyone you meet on the job is different too. For example, on Monday, I may drive of to France in a packed car and come back on Wednesday. And then on Thursday, I am working on my administration, and on Friday morning, I could be asked to solve a minor problem onboard a ship moored at the quay in front of our headquarters in Rotterdam. And you can never say beforehand how long a job will take – whether it is adjusting a pilot or radar or installing an AlphaRiverTrackPilot and putting it into operation. A problem is a problem until it is solved! And only then, we will disembark the vessel,” is how Ben sums up a typical work week.


Of course, as a technician, Ben is familiar with all JRC | Alphatron Marine’s navigation equipment. One of his personal favorites is the AlphaRiverTrackPilot. Ben: “This pilot steers the vessel along a predefined line, which can be set in the captain’s routing system. I really enjoy the positive feedback we get from our customers about this system! One thing they often tell us is that it makes navigating far more relaxing. Our system takes over on the longer, often monotonous distances, so the captain can carry out a monitoring role – saving time for other things like answering email, arranging new work assignments or even enjoying a quiet meal with the family while the vessel is en route. And this offers considerable added value,” says Ben, who, when he is not working in his exciting job, also likes spending time with his wife, daughter and pets. “I definitely enjoy life! A nice meal and some drinks with family and friends, making music, writing song lyrics. I find it incredibly relaxing when I have time of,” concludes a satisfied Ben.