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Optimised bandwidth prevents overloaded (satellite) internet connections

1 décembre 2014

There has been a strong increase in demand for onboard (satellite) internet connections as the crew and guests are bringing more and more devices on board that require an internet connection. However, the bandwidth is limited and the costs of satellite communication are higher at sea than on land. Alphatron Marine supports the optimisation of your bandwidth for more efficient use of your connection. With bandwidth optimisation you will prevent overloaded (satellite) internet connections. Give your critical applications priority with the Exinda bandwith manager.

Crew members and guests increasingly bring along their own laptops, tablets or smartphones. If you can offer them internet access on their own devices, then this contributes to their sense of wellbeing on board. But how can you then ensure that the critical applications on the bridge continue to perform and that the internet connection is not slowed down? Private devices, for instance, perform automatic updates via internet at set times. That’s no problem at home but on board this puts considerable pressure on the limited internet connection. A bandwidth manager that enables you to automatically adjust the internet traffic offers a solution. Transparency and control Alphatron places the bandwidth manager (Exinda brand) between the internet connection (firewall) and the local onboard network. The device scans all the data traffic and provides clear reports that reveal which applications, like facebook or whatsapp, are using the internet connection at a particular moment. Depending on these data, a decision is made in consultation with you about the critical applications that require priority and any undesired applications that should be blocked. So situations whereby the internet connection suffers from overload are consigned to the past. Accelerating applications Apart from transparency and control, the Exinda bandwidth manager offers the possibility to accelerate applications, which means that your critical applications always operate at high speed.<1> To realise this we install a second bandwidth manager on shore. The two bandwidth managers communicate with each other and ensure that the applications make the most efficient use of the (satellite) internet connection. If required, Alphatron can supply the entire IT environment ‘behind’ the internet connection as well as internet subscriptions (airtime) and hardware for satellite communication. We can also manage the connections and bandwidth for you.


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