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Warranty claims well monitored and solved quickly thanks to Warranty department

3 febrero 2014

The Warranty department of Alphatron Marine guarantees the fast, correct processing of warranty claims. To reassure customers that we are on top of things, we inform our customers in the meantime about the progress. Once a warranty claim is processed, customers receive a service report – signed for agreement - containing a detailed explanation to the customer.

All the high-quality equipment and systems we supply to customers are extensively tested during trials when a ship is delivered. Nevertheless, a product may still suffer a product-related technical problem; after all, we are talking about very advanced and sometimes sensitive electrical equipment. Such problems may come to light during the ship’s first long voyage. In such a case – and for any other defects to the equipment during the warranty period – you can submit a warranty claim to our Warranty department. What to do in the event of a warranty claim Once you notify the Warranty department of a warranty claim, we take action quickly and you get initial feedback within a day. We would like to receive from you a written claim form with a full description of the product and problem along with the availability and location of a ship. Next, we specify the problem, ensure that extra products are ordered if necessary, take care of the planning and check the availability of the right service staff that can solve the problem for you at a moment of your choosing. Openness about progress The Warranty department actively monitors the status of one or more warranty claims. Jeroen Roodenburg, Warranty Controller: ‘For claims due to a product-related technical problem with crucial equipment, ships have to become operational again as fast as possible. So good processing of warranty claims and openness about the progress are central to our customer relationships. If we do that well, we create trust. Of course, we are always open to suggestions for improvement.


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