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Unparalleled tugboat bridge console on the new generation of Rotortugs

2 julio 2015


At the start of this year our specially designed bridge console for tugboats and ferries made its market entry: the new generation of Rotortugs, the ART 80-32 Hybrid tugs RT Evolution and RT Discovery designed by Robert Allan Ltd, is the first generation of tugboats to have this exceptional space-saving variant of the modular AlphaBridge. This bridge solution is the result of a design study that we have developed together with a number of the world’s largest tugboat operators.

The captain of the RT Evolution, Bas van Hoorn was very pleased with the result and stated: ‘The revolution of the new design will contribute to the safety of the vessel and offer improved ergonomics for the operators.’ With eight full-height windows, the bridge solution offers visibility all around the vessel from a sitting position and ensures uncompromised control. Design principles Together with the shipyard and owner of the Rotortugs, we established the starting points for the innovative bridge concept. The tugboat bridge console has been designed according to the following principles:
  • the most optimum ergonomic working position for the captain, for both fore and aft steering positions;
  • a one-man operable control panel with all the controls within reach;
  • maximum all-round ship visibility;
  • adjusted to fit the compact wheelhouse of tugboats;
  • and quick and efficient shift from fore to aft steering position.
Bridge console layout The tugboat variant of the modular AlphaBridge comprises two ergonomically designed consoles with a central captain’s chair mounted on rails. The consoles contain the majority of controls and instruments required to operate the tug. At each end of both consoles is a retractable screen, one with the radar display, switchable for the river and sea sets, and the other a multi-function screen displaying navigation and other operational data. The captain’s chair can be turned and positioned to face in either direction and the displays are arranged to ensure that the screen functions are always in the same position. Efficient use of space The efficient layout of the tugboat’s bridge console space allows the shipyard to design a wheelhouse as small as possible to increase the visibility around the vessel. Due to the quantity of navigation and communication products required, an overhead console on both sides of the consoles is convenient for the captain, putting the equipment within easy reach and increasing visibility when manoeuvring either forward or aft. From product idea to actual innovation: the modular AlphaBridge variant specially for tugboats and ferries.


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