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Replacing rate-of-turn indicators due to new legislation

2 julio 2015

The dates 31 December 2014 until 1 December 2017 at the latest is the period that many rate-of-turn indicators on inland vessels have to be replaced by a more modern type. Should you be unsure about the validity of your rate-of-turn indicator, we can clear this up for you.

Inland shipping vessels that sail on the Rhine were compelled to replace their rate-of-turn indicators as of 31 December 2014 if they no longer had a valid vessel certificate. Inland shipping vessels that do not sail on the Rhine may – depending on the duration of their community certificate – still sail using their existing rate-of-turn indicator until 1 December 2017. Lack of clarity about permitted models The approved rate-of-turn indicators all have an approval number that starts with the letter ‘R’ and are recognisable by their larger dial. Yet there appears to be a lack of clarity about which rate-of-turn indicators are still or not permitted. For instance, there is a rate-of-turn indicator model in circulation that goes under two different names and has two different certification numbers, one of which is permitted, the other not. In this specific case, Alphatron Marine has contacted the European Commission to get this investigated. If you have any questions, contact us and we will gladly remove any doubts for you. New rate-of-turn indicator For new rate-of-turn indicators, too, we are the place to be. We supply a range of flush-mounted and bracket-mounted models as well as auto pilots, and can replace them for you as you wish. If you have a standalone rate-of-turn indicator, this can be replaced one for one. If you have a rate-of-turn indicator that is combined with an automatic pilot in the same housing, the entire instrument has to be replaced. Plug-and-play To make the process of replacing the rate-of-turn indicator easier, Alphatron uses a plug-and-play solution that generally allows the replacement of the instrument that no longer has type approval by a new one that complies with the legislation within one day: a smart interface means that we can reuse the existing cable between the rudder feedback unit and the rudder display unit (and the processor unit of the pilot). The plug-and-play solution is available from stock.


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