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Never again offline on board

1 diciembre 2014

Alphatron Marine is always up-to-date when it comes to satellite communication. From crew supplier to dredger, we have the very latest hardware and software in house for good, fast and continual internet connection on board.

Like an ingenious automatic beam switching solution for your Alphatron VSAT that makes use of not one but two or three satellites so that internet connection problems on board very rarely occur. When the internet is blocked, the antenna automatically searches for another satellite to get back online. Alphatron has had really positive reactions from customers that use automatic beam switching. In the old system you had to go through a whole step-by-step plan to get back online after a block but now you will hardly notice that the internet connection was even offline. Fast internet at no extra cost Another technology is bursting, a VSAT solution whereby several ships in a carrier pool can share the broadband connection with each other. If one of the ships uses less internet for a short while, then this benefits the internet connection of the other ships in the pool: at that moment it is faster without costing anything extra. Alphatron VSAT on 75 ships worldwide The stable broadband connection of Alphatron VSAT offers unlimited internet for a fixed competitive price. Alphatron has supplied VSAT ever since the emergence of this broadband solution. Worldwide we monitor all our VSAT customers 24 hours a day, also those with automatic beam switching and/or bursting application, on 75 ships. And that number is increasing. The success, according to our customers, lies in our 24/7 support worldwide, our proactive approach and superfast troubleshooting. We supply internet packages and subscriptions for every type of ship. From crew supplier to dredger. From 4 Mbps to 64 Kbps. From a one-year to a five-year contract. You can put together the package as you want it and choose to buy or rent the hardware.


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