Jorrin van der Knoop - AM Gyro product Specialist and Gyro Workshop Manager

Alphatron Marine introduced their AlphaBridge concept in 2005 with integrated navigation and communication equipment built into every type of console through the assembly workshop. A year later, Jorrin van der Knoop was hired to strengthen the team in the workshop.

There he started installing navigation and communication equipment in bridge consoles and tested Alphatron Marine's maintenance-free gyrocompass, the AlphaMiniCourse. After 2 years, Jorrin van der Knoop was allowed to specialize in the AlphaMiniCourse gyrocompass and set up the after-warranty procedures to take care of this product from A to Z.

Passionate about the AlphaMiniCourse

“Our AlphaMiniCourse gyrocompass is an engineering feat designed to be used on any vessel and is easy to use for technical personnel or end users.” Nothing makes Jorrin happier when mechatronics is combined with the wonders of physics, such as with the AlphaMiniCourse Gyrocompass. He has a real passion for his profession and in particular with the AlphaMiniCourse, with a wink he sometimes calls himself the Master of the Gyro Multiverse. Jorrin has been working at Alphatron Marine for more than 16 years, we wonder how you do that. “That's a good question, firstly I love the AlphaMiniCourse, secondly the colleagues, thirdly the respected freedom in my position”, says Jorrin.

When you ask Jorrin what his working day looks like, he tells you that this is very variable. “It is a flexible job, and it depends on what the day brings. One moment, for example, you are investigating a malfunction of the gyros in the Gyro Workshop or you are providing technical support to ships. The next moment, there's an urgent issue involving a ship's gyro that requires you to shift gears quickly. You, therefore, work closely with other colleagues from different departments such as Service, Sales, and Logistics.”

“It's a great feeling when a ship malfunction is resolved or when you work closely with the manufacturer to improve the AlphaMiniCourse Gyrocompasses in terms of hardware, software, or operation,” says Jorrin. For him, it is essential to continuously improve the AlphaMiniCourse to make it a popular product for customers and people who work with the product.


When he has a moment to himself, Jorrin sets out as an adventurer in the forgotten realms or rules over digital kingdoms. In addition to experiencing digital adventures in his games, he likes to travel with his wife and two daughters to destinations to discover ancient cultures, food, nature, and activities.

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