Cees Bochoven - Area Sales Manager

After being away for 3.5 years, Cees Bochoven returned to Alphatron Marine. In his first period, he worked at Alphatron Marine for 9.5 years. Previously he worked at the Deepsea sales department of Alphatron Marine, and now he supports the international distributors of JRC Europe. The maritime market suits him very well, and he likes to contribute to the positive flow at JRC | Alphatron Marine again.

Our division, JRC Europe, specializes in the distribution of equipment and the supply of complete bridge/wheelhouse solutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Our Sales Division maintains daily contact with our distributors. The team advises and supports them in the sale of our products. "As Area Sales Manager, I provide business support to the distributors in the EMEA area regarding bids, contracts, and agreements. I offer and promote our communication and navigation equipment and advise our customers regarding comprehensive bridge solutions on board ships. It is a very diverse job because you are also often out for customer visits abroad and for international trade fairs or other events", says Cees. 

Happy to be back

"It is nice to be back in a familiar environment with many familiar faces. In addition, I still know many products from my first period, which makes it easier to “hook up” again. What I have missed is the very pleasant working atmosphere, the social involvement and the collegiality, which is very special here", according to Cees. He left Alphatron Marine 3.5 years ago with a heavy heart. "Not because I was not enjoying myself, but because of personal ambitions. That turned out differently, and I wanted to continue working in the maritime sector. Alphatron Marine first came to my mind when looking for a new job and after a good conversation with Luuk Vroombout and Anna Marini, I am happy to be back now!"

Are you looking for a position where you can continue to challenge yourself and grow commercially? Then quickly view our vacancy page, and who knows, maybe we'll see you again soon as a colleague. Apply now for a position within the JRC | Alphatron Marine!

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