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Gyro support

On vessels, a gyrocompass is vital during operation, therefore Alphatron Marine provides a 24/7 worldwide service of technical support from well-experienced and knowledgeable technicians. We even have an exchange program for our AlphaMiniCourse gyrocompasses. This exchange program offers customers a refund for their used AlphaMiniCourse, if necessary.

We have gyrocompasses in our product line that are maintenance free, or that require annual service. In both cases, our qualified technicians are available to perform service, maintenance and technical support checks for your vessel. We also have a good working relationship with other dealers and agents. Their technicians are trained by Alphatron Marine to handle gyrocompass equipment and can attend to your vessel in short notice.

The Alphatron Marine locations in the Netherlands and Singapore have their own gyro workshop operating as a backbone for gyrocompasses in the field, whilst more workshops will be made in our service points of excellence worldwide. These gyro workshops are climate controlled rooms and create a perfect environment for calibrating the compasses. The AlphaMiniCourse, AlphaMidiCourse and other Alphatron Marine gyro equipment are treated by passionate, skilled specialists. They perform reconditioning maintenance, overhauling and can repair gyrocompasses, so you will always have an accurate, smooth journey wherever you go.

Introduction AlphaMiniCourse

This video introduces you to both the AlphaMiniCourse gyrocompass and the Global Training Academy of JRC and Alphatron Marine. AlphaLine engineer Jorrin van der Knoop briefly illustrates the features and mechanisms of the compass.

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