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Since the start of delivering the AlphaBridge and various other complex solutions, supporting the ship owner and crew has remained priority. However, our desire and commitment to continually improve our services inspired us to build a fully functional service platform for a new device, called the AlphaEye.

With the introduction of the AlphaEye, the crew on board the vessel are able to call through a dedicated (satellite, 3G or 4G) communication link directly to the expert in the Alphatron Marine office and inform us of any issues they are facing, through live audio and visuals. Even in such a specialized and customized environment on board, error analysis and problem solving can now be achieved in a matter of minutes. This unique remote support makes adjusting or replacing components rather simple and with the fault finding completed, necessary parts can be arranged to be readily available for the next port of call.

Besides support of our own bridge navigation and communication equipment, we are also supporting ship owners and other strategic partners on various types of vessels. In collaboration with global market leaders, we can support the same solution for engines, hydraulics, pumps, cranes, and even telemedicine. We are making the difference, all via one single point of contact.

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