Clear and reliable communication
is critical for safe operation

Integrated bridge

Undistracted focus on the bridge is extremely important and we believe that our INS provides added value for officers to plan, monitor and/or control safety of navigation and track the progress of the ship by combining and integrating functions along with information. Integrity monitoring by evaluating inputs from several sources ensures correct, timely and unambiguous information for the operators.

The INS provides alert management for ease of situational awareness by categorizing upon priority and synchronizes radar targets within task stations, detected by advanced radar transceivers, including the Solid State S-band, that keep the workload within the capacity of operators. As a system integrator, Alphatron Marine can offer several manufacturers solutions to meet every client’s particular needs.

The international convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) is generally regarded as the most important treaty concerning safety of merchant ships. We have made a dedicated SOLASpage which allows you see which navigation and communication products are the minimum required onboard.