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Smartfind E8 auto

Smartfind E8 auto


  • Faster alert detection on the 406 MHz frequency through MEOSAR compatibility
  • Supports the Cospas-Sarsat ecosystems infrastructure
  • Greater location accuracy by receiving GNSS coordinates from a wider range of satellite constellations

McMurdo SmartFind EPIRBs include innovation as standard with ruggedized base, easy service battery, MEOSAR compatibility and compliance with the new United States Coast Guard emergency hands free transport mandate. The additional false activation protection and multiple self-tests also offer total user confidence. Coupled with an unparalleled marine heritage, commitment to quality and a history of innovation, customers know they can trust McMurdo when their lives are at risk.

SmartFind E8 Auto-Housing 

A fully protective, spring-loaded enclosure, the auto-housing automatically deploys and activates the EPIRB when it is submerged between 1 - 4m. The SmartFind E8 automatic release-housing incorporates fixing points which ensure previous McMurdo auto-housing units can be retrofitted with minimum impact when upgrading your vessels EPIRB.

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