• Blind spot vision
  • Gangway security
  • Engine room monitoring
  • Deck surveillance

The AlphaCam camera line is a complete line of different cameras. The line consists of fixed focus cameras, zoom cameras and dome cameras. Two interfaces are developed to control the zoom and dome cameras. With one of these interfaces the data for controlling the camera is put onto the coax cable, combined with the video signal.

The fixed and zoom camera are mounted in a watertight box and this “camera” box is fitted in a stainless steel housing. This watertight box, which houses the camera, can be mounted at different positions 0°/ 90°/ 180°/ 270° in the stainless steel housing. Even when the monitor is tilted 90 degrees, it can still shows proper playback. Due to the extremely small size of the AlphaCam Mini camera, installing is possible at virtually any location. Naturally besides the cameras, our solution includes full (select, switch and control) interfacing capability, joysticks and push buttons to operate the CCTV environment onboard.

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