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With JRC's new VDR well prepared for the new performance standards

10 February 2014

As of 1 July 2014 the new IMO performance standard for the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) takes effect. Shipowners are well prepared for this with the fourth generation VDR of JRC (Japan Radio Company), the JCY-1900, which is available in the spring. This reliable VDR complies with all the requirements and also offers a range of user-support functions such as real-time information, remote maintenance support of navigation and communication equipment as well as simple data retrieval via a handy USB port found on the display.

The main new requirements set by the IMO for the VDR are:
  • A recording medium in both the fixed and float-free capsule (until 1 July either one is adequate).
  • The recording of data for at least 48 hours in both capsules (until 1 July this is a minimum of 12 hours) and storage in the VDR for 30 days/720 hours.
  • The recording of extra data: of both X and S band radars, ECDIS, AIS and – if installed – the inclinometer.
  • Higher quality audio recordings.
Real-time information The VDRs of JRC have proven their worth in the field in recent years. The new JRC VDR, the JCY-1900, can be seamlessly connected to JRC’s new Multi Function Display network. In combination with the Multi Function Display line, radar and ECDIS images can be easily captured via the network. Operation and reading the data of the JRC VDR will be done via a new 7-inch colour LCD touch display. Simple icons and menus give the VDR a user-friendly interface that the crew can quickly start working with. The display offers:
  • VDR alerts with detailed information
  • the last captured image data of radar and ECDIS
  • audio recordings from the microphone
  • a simplified real-time monitor application
  • information on aspects like the lifetime of the capsule batteries and the fan in the recording control unit, software versions of the installed equipment and connected sensors
  • performance test results
Remote maintenance In JRC’s new VDR a dedicated server is integrated as standard to support JRC’s patented Remote Maintenance System. This enables the functional status of navigation and radio communication equipment on board to be read on land via a satellite connection. In the event of necessary maintenance or problems, the situation can be dealt with proactively, so that a service engineer is well prepared to come aboard at the right moment with the right tools and parts. Data retrieval via USB A USB port on the front of the LCD display means that VDR data can easily be copied to a mass storage device and read on any computer.


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