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Three state-of-the art bridge solutions enthusiastically received during SMM exhibition

1 December 2014

At last September’s SMM exhibition, Alphatron Marine showed what is really relevant for our customers: how to make living and working on the bridge more straightforward and comfortable as well as reducing the risk of faults using the AlphaBridge. We presented three state-of-the-art bridge solutions: for offshore and patrol vessels, for large merchant vessels and for tugboats and ferries.

We had the opportunity to speak to many of you. Visitors from all over the world were amazed by the three varied bridge solutions geared to different types of customers. Unique to the AlphaBridge designs, compared with the bridges in the surrounding stands, were the uniform appearance and operation of the equipment and the large 46-inch screens (on two of the bridges). Customised bridge solutions Three variants of the AlphaBridge were on display for visitors. One-man bridge for offshore and patrol vessels The first bridge pictured is a unique, fully integrated one-man bridge with three 46-inch screens designed for offshore and patrol vessels, showing radar, ECDIS, conning, alarm monitoring and dynamic positioning data at a glance from a comfortable captain’s chair with all instruments and operating panels within arms reach. Integrated bridge for large merchant vessels The second innovative and integrated bridge solution is a derivative of the one-man bridge for offshore and patrol vessels, but adapted for large vessels. The five 46-inch screens and central console provide a very clear overview of all the navigation information as well as easy access to all the operating panels of the communication equipment, steering and other ship’s equipment like the lighting and engine control. Modular bridge for tugboats and ferries The third modular bridge, a variant for tugboats and ferries, is the result of a design study we undertook with one of the world’s largest tugboat operators. This bridge solution offers good visibility all round the vessel and ensures ship control without compromise. ‘Picture in picture’ The multifunctional bridge information system of the AlphaBridge shows radar, ECDIS, conning, alarm & monitoring and dynamic positioning data on large, crystal-clear TFT screens. Apart from this information, other information can be displayed via these screens in the form of a ‘picture in picture’, such as CCTV from an independent source. This state-of-the-art system is one of the results of the new, joint approach by Alphatron Marine and JRC.


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