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Our service engineers are there for you, wherever you are

2 July 2015

Whether you are in the Netherlands, India or Brazil, our service engineers come to you for system upgrades or to solve guarantee issues or any other system-related problems due, for example, to extreme weather conditions. Service engineer Dennis van den Akker: ‘We often hear people talking about our high standards, that we never say ‘no’ and that we always solve the problems we confront. And that was also the case, fortunately, when for the first time in my twenty-year career I was faced with a broadcasting system that went completely down after a routine upgrade.’

‘After my colleague Sijbrand Stam and I had solved a number of guarantee claims in Brazil on board several World ships, we hoped to visit the CMM Gravity for a broadcasting system upgrade. Despite being unsure whether we could get on board, we still left for Rio de Janeiro in the knowledge that the CMM Gravity would be there for a survey. In the end, we did manage to get on board.’ Captain: ‘Engineering can be unpredictable’ ‘When I wanted to upgrade the broadcasting system of the CMM Gravity, I broke into a sweat for the first time in twenty years when the entire system, including the fire and alarm system, died on me. This meant that the ship would not be able to sail. The Chilean captain remained remarkably calm when I told him about this unexpected situation, saying that engineering can sometimes be unpredictable and put his thinking cap on. To send reserve parts to Brazil was not an option because that would take three months. Have a colleague bring the parts from Rotterdam (NL) would take just a couple of days, and each day is a day too many. So we put our hope in quickly contacting the Finnish supplier to take a look at the situation. Fortunately, the supplier was willing if there was a fast internet connection available. So I took a boat to the shore and got in touch with the supplier via a laptop in my hotel room hoping that together we could come up with a solution. Ninety minutes later the problem was totally solved and we had a satisfied customer on our hands once again. That’s what has made Alphatron what it is today.’ 24/7 support worldwide If you have a disruption at sea and the equipment has to be repaired, you don’t have to go in search of a local service point in the next port. Alphatron Marine is your permanent point of contact for any equipment problems that occur on board.


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