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No-commitment bridge design: solutions when you need them with modular AlphaBridge

3 July 2014


Do you need to have complete control of the vessel within reach, or do you have limited available space? Alphatron Marine has designed a bridge that makes safe operation from the bridge easier, regardless of the class or size of the vessel. Our modular bridge solution, the AlphaBridge, forms the basis of a design that meets all your needs. An experienced design company shares its thoughts without any strings attached.

The ergonomic design of the AlphaBridge complies with all legislation and offers intuitive, comfortable operation of all navigation, control and communications systems that contribute to safe passage. There are already more than 300 vessels worldwide operating safely and efficiently thanks to AlphaBridge. Designs for all sectors In addition to standard modular consoles and equipment, AlphaBridge offers you specific modules for offshore, dredging, catamaran ferries and use on equipment vessels. Special custom-made designs are available on request. As Hans Koppe, Design & Proposal Manager for Alphatron Marine explains: 'Design has become increasingly important over the years given the constant increase in the complexity of maritime technology and the drop in the number of able seamen on board. I would recommend starting on the design of the bridge at the earliest possible stage of a project built from scratch. That way, the owners of the craft have plenty of time to consider (and view) the design for the best configuration possible, keeping it solid and stable, without compromising on a sleek design. And by devoting time and attention to the design, problems can be averted before they even arise.' AlphaBridge in a nutshell
  • Custom-made design;
  • Flexible, modular consoles and equipment;
  • Unmistakeable appeal and coherent operation of equipment;
  • Materials and production techniques of the highest quality;
  • Harmonization of control and navigation technology;
  • Uniformity in the lighting and switches;
  • Simple click-system for flexible installation;
  • Dynamic height-adjustment (manual or electrical) for displays;
  • Pre-assembled at Alphatron Marine workshops throughout the world;
  • The result of 20 years' development;


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