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3 July 2014

Intuitive Multi Function Display (MFD) by JRC

Following many decades of navigation experience and with a wealth of feedback from vessel owners, navigation officers and training institutions around the world, JRC introduces the latest, all-new Multi Function Display (MFD) with the intuitive design users are expecting anno 2014.

The MFD operation system has been developed by JRC engineers to deliver one of the most intuitive and integrated maritime bridge experiences in the world. Without compromise on the level of quality that is expected from JRC, navigating systems has become more interactive and intuitive than ever before. With a few clicks, you can do things like route planning, acquiring targets, switching between the systems or show alarm information. You will know how to use the new MFD the first time you see it. That is because the hardware and software are designed to work together, seamlessly and intelligently. Smooth graphics The MFD offers an incredibly easy-to-use icon based navigation experience with simple menus, dedicated functions and fewer necessary clicks to operate the system. The MFD is packed with powerful components that enable smooth graphics, fast processing and all-round serious performance based on the latest technologies for serious and most complex operations. Razor sharp radar pictures, even in HD resolution, are shown without delay contributing to optimal safety on board, thanks to the new Blizzard™ processor. This is the successor of the Tornado™ processor JRC sold many tens of thousands of. Mix & match The MFD mix & match concept offers both economic and high-end configurations that are relevant to many different markets and types of vessels. The MFD operating system can simply be used as a basic unit for e.g. radar or ECDIS, but can also be used as an upgraded system, extended with the most demanding applications: from a processor and trackball to a standalone solution with a JRC original qwerty keyboard and full interfacing. Regardless of which product you select or whether you use it as radar, ECDIS or conning, it all has been designed with a standardised form factor. The mix & match concept allows JRC smart production, logistical savings, easy assembly and repair. Software updates or purchasing extra licences can – if necessary - be done at sea.
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