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1 December 2014

Intelligent and compact Multi Information Display by JRC

JRC’s Multi Information Display NWZ-4610 can be used as GPS, compass, meteo and depth repeater as well as a rudder position indicator. An ideal application for the captain’s cabin or crew’s quarters, for instance: the data from the connected instruments are available at a glance. For application without IMO approval, the screen can also be used as a standalone unit. All in a compact format measuring just 142 x 142 mm.

One of the latest features of the Multi Information Display is daisy chain power distribution. This enables one screen to power two other screens, which means flexible installation and fewer cables. Since the data from the connected instruments appear on a single screen (functioning as repeater/slave), fewer screens are needed. This makes the Multi Information Display NWZ-4610 a cost-effective solution. In total, data and dimmer settings can be shared among ten screens. Flexible screen lay-out The LED backlight of the clear 4.5 inch screen of the NWZ-4610 comes in a choice of two colours (white or orange), which makes working on the bridge in different lighting conditions that much more straightforward. If required, the data from the three instruments can be displayed on the Multi Information Display; by connecting the three sensors via the three NMEA ports. You can configure the screens yourself, selecting either a digital or an analogue display of the data and you can choose to display one or three instruments simultaneously on the screen. The Multi Information Displays are simple to fit and the screws are nicely out of sight.
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