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10 November 2015

First delivery of 46-inch display AlphaBridge

Alphatron Marine is pleased to announce the delivery of the first 46-inch display AlphaBridge, for patrol vessel TTS Speyside. While keeping a 360 viewing field, the AlphaBridge includes unique and sophisticated functions, all displayed on three amazingly sharp displays presented in a fully integrated package.

Detect and identify are key elements for officers to work and operate on patrol vessels. Operating in Trinidad and Tobago, the patrol vessel has the latest high end tactical navigation and observation system onboard. All systems work flawlessly together to allow target motion analysis, intelligence and target alarms, evidently for a quick response to emergency situations. Using a secure voice via VHF and MF/HF and data through VSAT communications line, sharing intelligence between the shore based surveillance center is just as important. This allows for optimal decision support and joint engagement. With use of an advanced WAIS onboard and successful identification is achieved, immediate, strategic and controlled engagement of single or multiple targets can be accomplished with the use of single or multiple patrol and smaller interceptor boats. These are just a few of the solutions and capabilities of the AlphaBridge supported by specialized WECDIS functions, presented on large displays in an easy to use format. Together with Damen and Transas, Alphatron Marine is combining its expertise in presenting this cost-effective platform. The navigation and surveillance equipment is carefully selected by the owners, based on high performance, proven technologies and cost effectiveness.
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