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1 December 2014

Explosion-proof smart phones

ECOM has created mobile phones, smart phones and tablets specially for gas and oil tankers as well as for on-shore storage and transhipment companies. This ultra-safe and indestructible mobile equipment means you can call, internet and process data on board risk-free. Alphatron Marine has these products in house.

ECOM’s mobile equipment can be used within a company or on a ship where hazardous explosive substances are stored and transported. Thanks to the special housing, no sparks are produced that could cause fire or explosions. In addition, the equipment contains all the functions you would expect, such as wifi, bluetooth and a camera. But it doesn’t stop there: this mobile equipment is so designed that it is a perfect match for the requirements of maritime personnel. The communication devices are: the Ex® mobile phone, the Smart-Ex® (a 4g smart phone) and the Tab-Ex® (a tablet), all run on the latest Android operating system (4.4 Kitkat). Indestructible mobile and smart phones The Ex® and Smart-Ex® allows maritime personnel to call and internet on board worry-free. These devices can take a knock. Both are water and shock-resistant, have a tireless battery and a special display that can be read in direct sunlight. Thanks to the powerful audio applications, conversations are able to transcend the operating din//noise on board. The smart phone has a textile and scratch-resistant multi-touch screen that can even be operated when wearing with dirty or wet gloves, and can hold more than 700,000 software applications uploaded from Google Play Store. The Smart-Ex® stays up-to-date via fota (firmware over the air) and so does not need to be connected to a PC. Tablet with all the essential applications The Tab-Ex®is lightweight, compact and, thanks to its 8mm screen, safe for working and communicating in an environment with a risk of explosion. Mailing, chatting or online conferencing via the built-in camera: everything is possible with this ultra-safe tablet. A rich spectrum of desktop applications – like inspection & maintenance and stock management – makes the Tab-Ex®perfectly suited to the jobs maritime personnel have to perform on board. Using these wireless tablets they can communicate diagnoses to each other directly when performing inspection and maintenance work. Subscription & accessories All kinds of subscription along with a three-year insurance package can be taken out for ECOM’s mobile devices. Various accessories are available that protect the devices and make them easy to carry. Like leather protective covers, holsters and headsets. ECOM It is no coincidence that Alphatron Marine has been a partner of ECOM for ten years. This German manufacturer is one of the biggest players in the field of explosion-proof applications. ECOM bears the stamp of German reliability. All the products are very high quality and that is crucial, especially where safety is a top priority.
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