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23 May 2017

Alphatron Marine offers unique navigation experience with Transas simulator

Alphatron Marine is pleased to announce that the company has fitted its AlphaBridge solutions with the trusted Transas marine simulation system in training centers and showrooms around the world. This unique combination will enable practical know-how sharing on a whole new level and support the decision-making process, offering an uncompromised and thorough insight of the AlphaBridge and its ergonomic and technical capabilities.

In our flagship showrooms, we have various types of integrated solutions designed for various markets. From inland, harbor and offshore applications to passenger, fishing and large merchant vessels. The Transas simulation offer various levels of training, such as equipment familiarization and standard and advanced operation and watch-keeping. By adding the Transas simulator to the integrated AlphaBridge solutions we are bringing technology, expertise and content together. Needless to say, Transas simulators play an important role in the safety of life at sea and therefore have been used extensively by specialist in commercial fleets, navies and coast guards. The global strategic partnership between JRC, Transas and Alphatron Marine announced earlier this year strengthens the development of innovative solutions, ultimately to offer a complete concept, including simulator technology to ship-owners worldwide. We are keen for you to experience yourself – in Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston – how the AlphaBridge operation and ergonomic design approach will help life and work on the bridge easier and more comfortable and reducing the chance of errors.
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