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17 November 2016

Alphatron Marine installs the first Colorlight searchlights

With its new dealership for Colorlight, the Swedish manufacturer of high tech searchlights, Alphatron Marine has successfully installed the first set of searchlights. Colorlight searchlights are characterized user-friendliness (for example, the unlimited rotation in both the horizontal and vertical direction) combined with some unique features that contribute to greater safety at sea. It is possible to mount the lamps upside down, for example for installation under the bridge wings.

Colorlight has an impressive reference list of installations on ships across various disciplines. Since Alphatron Marine is very active in all the various maritime markets, a strong partnership has formed between the two. Colorlight uses HMI bulbs; these are high intensity discharge bulbs (metal halide). HMI bulbs have a very high light output, thereby ensuring excellent visibility in dark conditions. The optional integrated thermal camera ensures that even small objects are clearly visible in the dark. The lights are also very well suited to detecting ice because the high colour temperature (6000K) of the HMI bulbs ensures that ice is reflected well. By optionally adding a UV filter, the lamps are suitable for the detection of, for example, traces of oil. Besides these searchlights, Colorlight has developed a number of high-quality LED searchlights, which are of course durable, but also very compact. The performance of these lights has been well received by the market. Currently, Nederlands Loodswezen, among others, have installed an LED light for evaluation in one of the pilot boats. Colorlight has an impressive reference list with installations on ships across multiple disciplines. Alphatron Marine is very active in these markets and is thus the right partner for Colorlight. Recently, Alphatron has installed a number of Colorlight searchlights on three totally different types of ships. The experiences are very positive: Shipping company Van der Zwan from The Hague recently purchased a CLIR38-11 for 2 big stern trawlers. (searchlight with 2 800W HMI bulbs and an integrated thermal camera) ‘(...) We went fishing during the last trip to Morocco. When we got to the coast, we came across our Moroccan fellow fishermen. These men are difficult to detect even during the daytime due to the sun, etc., but you also come across these men at night without any means of detection, such as lighting or a beacon. So you can understand that we are very pleased with the installation (...). ‘- Bert Plug - Captain of the MFV 'Alida' (SCH 6). The shipping company Oceanwide, from Vlissingen, is also very enthusiastic,following the delivery of a CL25-12 (with UV-filter) for S/Y Rembrandt van Rijn. ‘(...) My own experience has been very good with the searchlight. It works great in the dark. But even in rain and fog, the results are excellent. The blacklight works great, too. We use the searchlight every night. It's dark here from 22:30 until 04:00 in the morning. We have to cope with a great many icebergs, ‘bergy bits’ and ‘growlers.’ The searchlight is definitely a necessary part of the equipment that we need here in order to operate under these conditions.’- Captain of the S/Y 'Rembrandt van Rijn.’ Wagenborg Shipping after installation of a CL25-11 ‘(…) Very positive. The light has proven very useful and is clearly better in icy conditions than the usual searchlight. ‘- Frank van den Anker - Nautical assistant, Wagenborg Shipping BV Alphatron Marine is a Certified Service Partner of Colorlight, so you can turn to Alphatron for the delivery of parts and support as well.
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