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22 January 2015

Alphatron Marine appointed global partner for Hoox™

Alphatron Marine is pleased to announce that they have been appointed as a global maritime partner for Hoox™ secured communications systems from Privatas. The far-reaching agreement will allow Alphatron Marine to offer the Hoox™ encrypted smartphone through its comprehensive worldwide sales and service network.

In this ever-changing world where personal and corporate privacy is constantly subject to compromise, the Hoox™ encrypted smartphones from Privatas will allow all calls, emails and text messages to be completely secure. The Hoox™ has been awarded ANSSI certification and a listing on the NATO’s list for secure communication devices. Perfectly suited security teams or owners of private jets or yachts, communications between all key personnel will remain with total discretion. With secure end-to-end exchange of information via voice, email and text messaging (SMS), and all data on the Hoox™ stored encrypted, it is virtually impossible to be hacked or cracked with the current state of technology. No matter what the privacy concerns, Hoox™ offers that peace of mind. Alphatron Marine will be able to offer personalized packages tailor made to appeal to discerning customers’ needs, taking care of not just the airtime and Hoox™ smart phone, but also a 24/7 support network. It just takes one call to our service desk to get enlisted in the program, which is mandatory when using encryption systems. From that moment onwards, all the information over Hoox™ voice or data is immediately encrypted and not available for anybody else other than the Hoox™ smartphone being communicated with.
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