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3 July 2014

AlphaFuelControl now also in use by Chemgas at sea

Mr. Tiemen Zoer, superintendent at Chemgas says “If Dutch the shipping industry works together, we can develop excellent products that will attract attention all over the world, and we will stay economically strong. AlphaFuelControl is one such product with which Alphatron Marine is taking fuel economy systems to a whole new level in cooperation with various suppliers and customers.”

Alphatron introduced its new fuel saving cruise control system for inland navigation at the end of 2012. In March 2014, AlphaFuelControl was deployed for the first time on sea-going vessels on board the new gas Chemgas tanker, the Bayamo and then in its latest sister ship, the Brisote. Chemgas, the market leader in the transportation of pressurised liquefied gases, operates vessels with capacities of up to 3500 m³ and plans to use AlphaFuelControl to reduce differences in fuel consumption between vessels. Investment pays off One of Tiemen Zoer's tasks as a superintendent at Chemgas is to contribute to the development of new products and to Chemgas’ own shipbuilding activities. He has worked for twenty years now, measuring fuel consumption on board Chemgas vessels and was involved in the development of AlphaFuelControl for sea-going vessels right from the start. “My experience is that it pays to invest in an efficient fuel-saving system,” he says. “Chemgas is the first shipping company to use this system. AlphaFuelControl is quite unique. Where other systems leave off, Alphatron goes further, providing a system with a smart user interface and intuitive operation. I believe that AlphaFuelControl certainly has great potential on the world market.” Continuous improvement “At Chemgas we believe it is important to always strive to improve. At present we are still familiarising ourselves with the system. If in the process we find any useful pointers for optimising the system, we will modify it accordingly. It is important that the people who are going to work with the system are enthusiastic about it.”
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