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1 December 2014

AlphaBridges for the new fleet of the Bahamas coastguard

Alphatron Marine is supplying innovative bridge solutions for the new fleet of the Bahamas coastguard. The first three patrol vessels built by Damen Shipyards have been operating since the past summer in the coastal waters of this Caribbean island group.

Since the Bahamas is increasingly confronted with weapons, drugs and human trafficking, the tasks of the coastguard are becoming more demanding and challenging. Damen Shipyards has therefore been contracted to build a new fleet to help combat rising crime in the coastal waters off the Bahamas. Alphatron Marine, which has been a partner of this Dutch shipyard supplier for many years, has developed innovative AlphaBridges with integrated navigation and communication equipment for the entire fleet of eight patrol vessels. Highly suitable for patrolling The patrol vessels, HMBS Arthur, Dion and Hanna have been specially developed to operate in shallow waters. In combination with the innovative AlphaBridges these vessels are perfectly suited for coastal patrols. The uniform and ergonomic design of these bridge solutions simplify the ship’s operation and reduces the workload, which means that the crew can focus fully on their job of patrolling. Confidence in this new fleet is considerable. “The HMBS Arthur, Dion and Hanna boost the capacity and lift the competence of the coastguard to a higher level,” says Bernard Nottage, Bahamas’ Minister of National Security. AlphaBridges all over the world Patrol vessels of Damen Shipyards, with Alphatron Marine bridge solutions, have been operating for years in coastal waters all over the world such as: Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Albania, Mexico, Honduras, Cape Verde, the Netherlands and now, of course, the Bahamas, too. “The AlphaBrigde concept has more than proven itself. Which is why we integrate them in the design of our vessels,” explains Estefania Moral LIorente, project manager at Damen Shipyards. “We know we can trust the technology and service at Alphatron Marine. For questions or special requests we get answers fast along with the right solutions. This is why we have had a good relationship with Alphatron Marine for many years.” AlphaBridge boosts security The AlphaBridge is unique, innovative and of the highest quality. The navigation and communication equipment in this bridge solution has a uniform layout and operating mode. This makes everything clear for the user and simple to operate. Thanks to the ergonomic design, vessels can be operated intuitively and comfortably, which is good for safety.
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