A100 Inland AIS

  • Multi-lingual display & manuals
  • On board Pilot plug
  • Intuitive menu system
  • Built in fault check & fix system

The feature rich em-trak A100 provides you with a unique combination of ease of use, reliability and operational performance making it the ideal AIS Class A for any commercial vessel. After fifteen years of creating marine electronics products we understand the environment within which you work and therefore where our products must operate. The A100 is a single small unit which is simple to install and use and has been specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for long term continuous use in even the most extreme marine environments.

The A100’s track record of operational practicality, reliability and performance has been built by the tens of thousands of professional (commercial and navy) mariners who rely on their A100 to provide reliable service day after day, year after year. The A100 is the only Class A you will ever need.

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