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Real-time audio visual support now possible with AlphaEye

30 Oktober 2015

Alphatron Marine is pleased to announce the introduction of the robustly designed AlphaEye, the next generation service communication tool. Offering the capability to have an extra set of eyes “onboard” allows for support specialist to be standing by to solve 24/7 any problem, globally and remotely.

Since the very beginnings of delivering the AlphaBrigde and various other complex solutions, supporting the ship-owner and crew the best to our ability has remained a priority. However, our desire and commitment to continually improve inspired us to build a total service platform around the AlphaEye. With the AlphaEye, the crew onboard can call through a dedicated (satellite from 128kb, 3G or 4G) communication link directly with the expert in the Alphatron Marine office and really let us experience through live audio and visual contact the issues they are facing. Even in such a specialized and customized environment onboard, error analysis and problem solving can now be achieved in a matter of minutes. This unique remote support makes adjusting or replacing components just that easy and with the fault finding completed, missing parts can be arranged to be ready in the next port of call. Besides support our own bridge navigation and communication equipment, the webeye and the shortside facilities can be utilized for all other remote assistance situations on board at vessels/platforms, even for medical situations. We are making a difference, all via one single point of contact.


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