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The Dutch Tax Authorities have entrusted a very significant two-way radio order to Alphatron in the context of the New Way of Working (Het Nieuwe Werken). Alphatron will be supplying more than 1600 pagers and around 200 two-way radios for almost 80 buildings throughout the Netherlands to support the emergency response officers in the event of incidents or calamities.

Alphatron began with the order, which was the result of a tender with bids coming from nine parties, in October 2013. By the end of last year the major part of this order had been delivered as agreed. Price-quality ratio and solid company Edwin Weber of the Communication department, Alphatron: ‘In deciding on Alphatron, the Tax Authorities also took into account our relatively low price for the best complete solution (one-stop-shopping): Alphatron is able to supply both the two-way radios and pagers as well as install them. The good arrangement we have with manufacturers enables us to offer a competitive price. In the Benelux we are the largest dealer for the two-way radio brand Vertex. The customer also looked at the solvency and liquidity of the participating bidders. Alphatron was considered very solid in this respect, in part through the good level of income in the past year, low personnel turnover and our financial strength.’ The New Way of Working In the context of the New Way of Working each Tax Authorities worker has had the same type of telephone and computer for the purpose of uniformity and convenience since the beginning of 2014. This same uniformity also exists for the two-way radios and pagers used in the event of an incident or a calamity. On each floor two emergency response officers always have a pager on them. When there is a fire, they are immediately notified on their receiver with the respective room location shown in the display, so that they can take action.


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